New residential construction, renovations, additions, dormers, decks, sunrooms, balconies,  in-ground pools, finished basements, cellar entrances, mother and daughters, parent and child, accessory apartments, senior residence, space planning, interior alterations. Our design staff and industry professionals are here to assist you in making your dream project and current residential needs a reality. We will assist you to create a design that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. From floor plans and elevations to lighting and furniture layouts, we ensure every aspect exceeds your expectations. 



Commercial projects are planned and designed by our Independent Licensed Professional Engineers and/or Architects. We are affiliated with structural, civil and mechanical engineers to bring all the building systems together. Optimize productivity and performance in the workplace. Our thorough and efficient step-by-step process provides outstanding results every time. Restaurant Design, Office Layout, Space Planning, As-Built Drawings, Rental Permits, and Existing Condition drawings.


violation removal 

​Expediting Services for DOB & ECB Violations & Removals. 



Expediting Services for Building Permits,  Legalizations, Open Building Permits, Legalize any Existing Structures, Zoning Variances, Special Use Building Permits, Radius Maps, Certificate of Occupancy and Change Of Use. We work with architects and engineers to prepare required land surveys, radius maps, engineered drawings, and architectural plans tailored to your local submittal requirements. We act as an agent in preparing and filing zoning variances, special exceptions, conditional use permits, and many other administrative tasks.

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We are NOT Architects or Engineers. We specialize in Computer Aided Drafting for various disciplines. We work only under the direction of licensed Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and / or Contractors. Any plans drawn for non-licensed individuals need to be reviewed as required by local, or state codes and regulations.